Monday, November 24, 2008

Back-to-School Afterschools

With the new school year, comes NBS Afterschool programs. Afterschool programs take place on-site at local schools and organizations, such as Boys and Girls Clubs. These line-ups offer educational, safe, and most importantly, fun options for schools and busy parents. Our educators love bringing a little NBS into the community and have started this school year with lots of new and exciting programs.

In “Animals, Authors, and Art,” children get to meet one of our education animals, hear a story that features the same or similar animal, and make a related craft to take home. Last week, one group heard The Story of Jumping Mouse, an inspirational Native American tale about a mouse and the power of hope. Afterwards, the kids met Norma and Mabel, our resident dumbo rats, and got a short lesson on mammals. They finished up by making rat bookmarks out of recycled materials, reinforcing our earth-friendly theme. Though using the same materials, each craft was as unique as the child who made it. Parents and guardians loved the adorable and useful bookmarks, and enjoyed meeting Norma and Mabel as much as the kids!

All of our Afterschools offer earth-friendly fun. Book yours today!

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